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  1. balachander nandagopal

    Thanks Nishant. real valuable info on debit spreads and time decay.

  2. Bull Bear

    Thank you Nishant for creating this video.

  3. Adam Kreul

    Excellent video – I knew conceptually that this was due to extrinsic value, but admittedly didn’t understand exactly why. This video cleared up all my questions!

  4. Benjamin Bilgehan

    exactly. I watched the video and understood all. Thanks for making the video so easy to understand.

  5. Kyle Pierce

    Very helpful

  6. Ashish Surendranath

    Absolutely great video !!!

  7. C T

    This is really good, very helpful in understanding this process, makes more sense when you can see it then be able to follow your video with TOS up.

  8. Shilan Karia

    Thank You Nishant, This was a helpful video to see how your P/L statement works. Can you explain more price slices and how you configure those when trying to review on the Analyze Tab and also the two small red lines that show up on the 0 X axis in Think or Swim?

    Thanks again.

  9. Sharon Avery

    I am logging in and am unable to watch any of the videos. I also signed up on discord and am unable to get any information. Help


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