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  1. Ahmed Mobarak


    when you say “We trade weekly expirations”, you mean that you trade weekly contracts instead of monthly? Or that you track expirations on a weekly basis since you open the trades over multiple weeks?


  2. Nishant

    We put on trades which expire in 30-40 days. But we add new trades each week. That way we have trades which close out every week. We trade both monthly and weekly contracts and do not differentiate between them

  3. William Elliott

    It says you can put in a trading value over 10 , however won’t allow any below 50. I do some 1 point spreads below 50 , is this hard to fix. I use an an iPad so won’t let me alter. Tried changing to excel but some of the formulas aren’t compatible. Thoughts?

    • Nishant

      Hi, once you copy the spread tracker, you have full admin access to make any changes you want. Which means you can also remove any data validations in the google sheets to suit your particular needs.

  4. Linda Matheson

    The expiry dates populate for every seven days: What happens if you have trades between these weekly dates. For example I have trades expiring on Jan 05 and Jan 07. How do I insert these dates with their necessary formulas?

    • Nishant

      We trade weekly spreads, so the sheet is designed to cater for the most common use case only. You can always copy/paste the row below and manually change the date (instead of letting the formula do it for you)

  5. Linda Matheson

    Pursuant to my question Dec 6, at 11:42am,

    After I add a row with a new expiry date, the formulas on the right side do not automatically populate. How do I add them please. As in excel, is there a ‘fill down’ option?

    • Nishant

      If you watch the videos on how to use the spread tracker part 2, I have mentioned there how to add new rows with formulas. This sheet is designed to take care of the most common use cases only. Feel free to tweak it according to your specific needs.


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