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Import https://tos.mx links into ThinkOrSwim

https://tox.mx links not working anymore? TOS has done something which is not allowing these links to work directly from your browser. However, the links still work. Here are the steps to import shared items in TOS.

Step 1: Go to your ThinkorSwim platform.

Step 2: Click on Setup (top right-hand corner) > Select Open shared item…

Step 3: Paste the link you were given > click Preview

Step 4: Click Ok

After that, you will receive a popup telling you what the indicator has been saved as. You can load it up from your Studies area by typing in the given name.


  1. Bill Khaira


  2. Linda Matheson

    Sadly, although I follow all these instructions and receive the anticipated comments, the actual changes do not occur? I cannot see your charts, for instance, only the ones I have created?

  3. Linda Matheson

    Yes:success thanks!

  4. Kathy Narvaez

    Can you provide tos links for just the indicators you’re using rather than importing your entire workspace? I’m talking about RSI, ADX, etc.

    • Kathy Narvaez

      Never mind. I imported your workspace, got what I needed, and added to my workspace. All good.

      • Nishant

        Glad you figured it out


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