May 2020: AMZN $2315 – $2320 Bull Call Spread



Trade Structure

$2315 - $2320 Bull Call Spread

Trade Date


Price Paid


Expiration Days



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Trade Rationale

May 2020: AMZN $2315 - $2320 Bull Call Spread. This is a post earnings trade. Although, AMZN has done really well during the pandemic due to increased online shopping demand and actually beat Wall Street's revenue estimates, Jeff Bezos announced that they will use their entire profits of $4 Billion from this quarter on Coronavirus response. This caused it to drop from a high of $2475 a few days ago all the way down to $2285. In my opinion, the 8% drop we saw on Friday is an exaggerated response from Wall Street and this definitely caught my mean reversion radar. With earnings trades, my regular mean reversion indicators don't apply, so you have to use some judgement. You will notice that I did not use my indicators to put on this trade. Also, notice that we had a big down day where DOW dropped 622 points taking AMZN down all the way to $2285, so we got in a little prematurely, but we have 35 days for this to play out. If AMZN expires above $2320 in 35 days, we will almost double our money (target profit = $228)

Trade Selection Criteria

Overall market movement

We are experiencing unprecedented volatility in the markets due to the ongoing Coronavirus scare. We put on this trade when DOW dropped 622 points on Friday.

No Earnings or Significant News

Earnings were just announced on 4/30 and are behind us

Bollinger Bands outside Keltner Channels

N/A – For post earnings trade my regular indicators don’t apply.

RSI Analysis

N/A – For post earnings trade my regular indicators don’t apply.

ADX Analysis

N/A – For post earnings trade my regular indicators don’t apply.

Trade Analysis

Analysis will be updated when we close the trade.

Trade Outcome




Beginning Account Balance


Ending Account Balance


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