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  1. Kelly Ulm

    Thank you so much, Nishant! I really appreciate the entire program that you have set up here. Very excited to be a part of this and to learn from you and everyone else in the Discord group.

  2. Dan Simon

    Excellent – thanks – I’m looking forward to future videos

  3. nishitkumar Kaushik

    Great video Nishant! Looking forward for the alert script. Good luck.

  4. Christian DeAngelis

    Thank you, I appreciated the explanation of the psychology behind support and resistance…interesting.

  5. Anirudh Prem

    Thanks Nishant, looking forward to the future videos. Great work👍

  6. JL Bil

    Thank you for the video. I like the explanation of Support/Resistance. Price-action is a result of crowd-psychology.

    I loved the chart that compared deaths of 1916-1918 and the H1N1 reaction. Certainly reinforces the need to understand that people really don’t change, not even generational gaps changes our behaviors.

    It’s also critical for people to understand that there aren’t “more buyers” or “more sellers”, there’s just strength of conviction. The path of least resistance is where one of the groups(bulls vs bears) has stronger feeling to drive in the direction of their belief about the market.

    There are very FEW people out there who explain it so well. Thank you!

    1. Do you have any suggested reading regarding the subject(price-action-volume, crowd psychology as it relates to the markets)?

    I look forward to the next videos.

  7. balachander nandagopal

    thank you Nishant. Your videos are really informative and love the whole setup of this program. Excited to be part of this group and learning journey.

  8. Jagan Govinraj

    Thank you Nishant! An awesome roadmap on your technical analysis program. Feel quite grateful to found your book in the first place that helps my first footstep into the trading world. Good bless you!

  9. Tyler Johnson

    Turned 11.5K into 24K in 3 weeks using this strategy but have plenty more to learn. I love the discipline and patience I’m learning by plugging in more with this group. Excited for 2021!

  10. Edouard Vellutini

    Thank you very much Nishant ! It is a chance to be a part of this great adventure !

  11. Guillermo Tapia

    Thank you very much Mr. Nishant.

  12. Linda Matheson

    Thank you for your depth of knowledge evident in these videos. I am looking forward to this journey.


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