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Tax Year 2021

2021 was a very good year for me, although nothing compared to 2020.

Check out my trading journey documented in an infographic below.  

Is it too late to join the group? 

Due to the way I run this program, there are no start or end dates to participate. We have new members join our program all the time. When you join as a new member, your goal should be purely to learn my trading style. Results will eventually come with practice, time and discipline.



$250K Challenge?

This year I am also doing a $250K Challenge on my own account. I started with $25K left over from the 2019 $25K challenge. This is an attempt to prove that the system scales well with higher numbers. The trades in this challenge are only visible to our private trading group with 1000+ members.

Beginning NET LIQ (Mar 2020)


Ending NET LIQ (Dec 2021)




$25K Challenge

On 12/08/2021, my account touched the target of $25K and I used that golden moment to declare victory for 2021! You will find a selection of trades documented below which go into details on how I select trade entries and exits and what factors I pay attention to. Use these as additional examples to understand what I have already described in my book.

Beginning NET LIQ (Mar 2020)


Current NET LIQ (Jan 2022)

$30,000 (Target Acquired on 12/8)

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