The 11th $25,000

Options Trading Challenge

The 11th Options Trading Challenge where we take a small $2,500 trading account

and grow it into a $25,000 account is currently underway.

Is it too late to join the challenge? 

Due to the way I run this program, there are no start or end dates to participate. The only reason why I do a challenge every year on my own account is to have a running proof that these trading methods work! We have new members join our program all the time irrespective of where I am in my own challenge. Registrations are closing soon.
Free members , upgrade here: https://25koptionschallenge.com/iump-account-page/?ihc_ap_menu=subscription
New users sign up here : https://25koptionschallenge.com/landing-page


Beginning NET LIQ (Mar 2020)


Current NET LIQ (Feb 2021)




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