Mar 2019 – MAR 2020

The 10th $25,000

Options Trading Challenge

The 10th Options Trading Challenge from 2019 where we

started with a small $2,500 trading account and grow it into a

$25,000 account is now closed.

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Beginning NET LIQ (Mar 2019)


Current NET LIQ (Feb 2020)

$26,656 (We over-achieved)



The 10th $25k options trading challenge is now closed.

As usual we started with an initial sum of $2500 in March 2019. And are hovering around $26,656 as of 02/19/2020.

Unfortunately, the site wasn’t ready earlier, so we started documenting our trades right in the middle of the challenge when the net liq of our account was around $9,000. But we decided to keep the $10th challenge absolutely free and open to the general public so you can follow along as we near the finish line of $25k

NOTE: The 11th $25k challenge will start around March/April 2020. If you are registered on the website, you will be notified via email before we start. 


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