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The 10th $25K Challenge is now closed, since we (over) achieved our goal of $25K

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The 11th challenge just started on 3/19/2020. Click your account to upgrade and access real-time trades as they happen.


Our annual $25k challenge, takes an initial sum of $2,500 and grows it into $25,000 in 1 year or less using Options. All our trades and methodology is publicly shared with our subscribers to learn and try it out with their accounts.

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80% of our trading methodology is publicly available for free. All you need is the desire and motivation to get started. 

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I have never heard of Options!

No problem, we will hold your hand and teach you everything that you need to know to take advantage of our strategy.

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That is a great start! It makes our lives easier to get you to a level where you can learn and take advantage of our advanced strategies.

I already trade multi-legged strategies

Awesome! Our strategies use option spreads to generate the kind of returns we have experienced in the last 10 years. This will be a cinch for you.

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We started out 15 years ago just like anybody else and quickly started getting drowned by the advice that all the “finance gurus” kept throwing at us. The only person who made money from that advice was the “guru”. Then we took charge of our destiny and starting developing a simple system putting our own money on the line. There were many failures on the way, but we kept learning and simplifying. And the result is that the 9th successful $25k challenge is currently under way. As usual we started out with $2500 and we are at $10k in 3 months already.

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